If reimagining conventional roof design is a growing trend worth watching, transforming these traditionally €˜sterile€™ environments into colourful, restorative and biologically diverse green roof systems is an absolute game-changer.

Today it is not uncommon to see green roofs being incorporated onto visible rooftops, outdoor studios, and sheds. And for good reason.

€œGreen roofs support biophilia by adding life, colour and movement to home and landscape design,€ says Shauna Beaudoin, LiveRoof® manager and Green Roof Professional (GRP) for NATS Nursery Ltd. in Langley, B.C. €œThey connect individuals to local ecology, provide sensory variability and evolve with time.€

Green roofs softly transition sightlines between landscaping and contemporary home design. Better yet, they positively impact the environment by improving air quality, filtering polluted water and boosting building envelope performance.

€œNot only do green roofs offer aesthetic value and have a favorable impact on well-being; they also have important climate action functions,€ Beaudoin says. €œThey sequester carbon, cool the environment and support local pollinators.€

But not all green roofs are created equal. LiveRoof® hybrid green roof system is revolutionary for the residential market because it negates several issues earlier green roof systems failed to address.

€œTraditionally, a green roof system includes vegetation that is planted over a waterproofing system designed with a root barrier, drain board, filter cloth, and lightweight growing medium,€ Beaudoin says. €œUntil recent years, all layers were meticulously conveyed to the roof and installed on site, sometimes taking several years to establish.€

LiveRoof® modules are pre-grown at NATS Nursery and arrive with 95% plant coverage and established roots. Its soil elevation design and moisture portals unite soil across the entire green roof for sharing water, nutrients and beneficial organisms, supporting long-term plant health. Most importantly, it is fully customizable.

€œNATS Nursery works with every client to develop a green roof that is unique to their project needs, site-conditions and design objectives,€ Beaudoin says. €œPlant selections may be inspired by aesthetic preference, eco-regions, colour palettes and native plants that positively impact biodiversity.€

Since 2009, NATS Nursery and the LiveRoof® grower's network have collectively grown 10 million square feet of LiveRoof® across North America. NATS Nursery has been involved in many of British Columbia's most notable green roof projects, including the renowned Vancouver Convention Centre€”the world's first double LEED® Platinum certified convention centre. Ready to learn more? The team at NATS Nursery is experienced with green roof systems and passionate advocates for green roof best-practices.

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