Stylish and functional equipment to up your gardening game.

1. Herb Your Enthusiasm

We love these six-inch ceramic Punny Herb plant markers ($20). They’ll ensure you never forget where you planted the mint—and give you a little chuckle every time you harvest your herb garden.

2. Firmly Planted

These lightweight and weather-hardy Origami planters ($539) are inspired by the Japanese art of paper folding, providing a high-end home for your plants while making a stylish statement in your zen garden.

3. Dig In

Who says your gardening tools can’t be beautiful? The Celine Garden tool set ($38), with it’s rose gold utensils and tropical wood handles, is so cute it’s a shame we’ll have to get it muddy (almost).

4. Power Plant

No room for a garden shed? Fear not! Ikea’s 30×14-inch multi-purpose Hindö potting bench ($99) is compact and has plenty of storage for all the cute gardening tools you see here. Plus, it has a clean-minimalist look that fits into any backyard design.

5. Snip-Snip

Swap out your heavy-duty pruners for simple and sophisticated metal Chinese scissors ($12). They cut through stems with ease and will last you a lifetime if you give them a little TLC (simply scrub the dirt away with steel wool!).

6. Grow Wild

Take care of our fuzzy, buzzy friends by planting a wildflower garden with these Bee Garden seeds ($18) from Vancouver company Strathcona 1890. The low-maintenance perennials are reseeding and contain a mix of nectar and pollen flowers such as Bergamot, Lavender, Forget-Me-Nots, and Poppys.