Forget a home away from home€”this family has everything they need right here thanks to a fully decked out garden oasis.

While most people think of a home garden as simple flowerbeds or a small park outside their home, Keith and Judy Scott took it one step further by regarding their garden as an extension of their home—complete with a bar, hot tub, full living room and kitchen. The Scotts wanted to remodel their New Westminster home to double the size, but instead of building up or building out (and sacrificing a garden) they decided to replicate their indoor rooms outside. They shared their garden oasis with us in our May 2004 issue, and now we’re sharing it again to inspire your own spring garden plans.overviewgardenhouse_plan2Immediately when you step into the garden portion of the house that mimics the inside so well, you notice the spacious kitchen, living, and dining area with luscious greenery surrounding you. The Scotts used the same paint all throughout their home’s indoor and outdoor spaces for a flawless feel, as well as mimicking the indoor furniture and lighting fixtures in the garden.dining table

Most people, when they think of the garden, think in terms of a park. I think of a house. —Keith Scott

The hot tub, swimming pond and waterfall features give the garden space a truly outdoor feel, and are perfect for spending warm spring and summer days relaxing or socializing. For the cooler summer nights, and even colder fall days, curl up by the stone fireplace, which is the perfect addition to make the space functional year-round.MORE: 6 Tips to Making Your Container Garden Actually Look Good This Yearfireplace

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