I seem to be the the go-to-person at WL when it comes to finding cool houses for sale. A Richard Neutra is for rent for $8,000—I’ve got you covered. John Lautner’s personal house is for sale? I’ve got you covered. But as fun as it is to look at the giants of SoCal’s golden age, it’s not all that practical to even imagine pulling up stakes and moving there.

Which is why this sweet house is the key. You start with the legendary Arthur Erickson, then you add in a city that you already live in (or could conceivably move to) and then add in the best street in that city (the now park-like Point Grey Rd.) and you have the making of a dream house.

The house in question is at 3281 Point Grey Rd., which means thanks to the City of Vancouver traffic department (and allegedly an athleisure magnate who will soon be your neighbour) you have the ocean on one side and a park and bike path on the other. But before we get all gaga, let’s look at the downsides. For starters, it looks like it’s essentially attached to its side neighbours, technically making it a very pricey “townhome”—but that’s not that uncommon on this miracle mile. It’s only 3,056 sq/ft, which isn’t exactly enough for the Brady Bunch, but again not small by PGR standards.

The furniture has to go, of course.

Also the washer and dryer are hilarious (try telling someone the place cost $14,800,000 but that the 32-year-old Hotpoint appliances comes with it).

On the flipside….

And then there are the moments where Erickson works his magic, like this entrance that promises something spectacular at the end.

Or this glimpse of one of his patented treed atriums.

And some great, vintage brickwork on this deck.

And finally, the main bedroom, which occupies the entire top floor, has this as its view.

Seriously? I’m not sniffing at $14.8—that’s a big chunk of change—but in my fantasy world of famous architect houses? I’ve already written the cheque.

The full listing is here…start scheming.