You get a (new) log cabin, a lot of land (129 acres), and a killer view of Stump Lake thrown in.

Price: $549,900Details: 865 sq/ft. 1 Bed, 1 Bath, 129 acresNeighbourhood: Stump Lake, B.C.The Skinny: I was at my in-laws’ ranch a few weeks back and had forgotten just what an amazing feeling it is to go for a serious walk on land you own. There’s plenty of land available in the West, but usually it’s either prohibitively expensive or so far from civilization that using it as a second property is out of the question. This one’s a little different—it’s very close to Kamloops (20 mins) and only three hours or so from Vancouver, meaning that it works for a long weekend. Plus it has a lake that, while you’re not directly on it, you’re mere steps away, which is the next best thing.The Pros: 129 acres doesn’t exactly scream King Ranch size, but trust me, it’s a lot of land. The small log cabin is new so it should be relatively low maintenance, and more importantly you have an unsexy, but supremely useful, storage garage for your ATVs, snowmobiles and all the other toys that are a must for your own spread. There’s great fishing right in front of you and in numerous surrounding lakes and streams, and there are a number of amazing golf course not that far of a drive.The Cons: This is a small cabin. Either you’re happy being outside or sitting on your porch drinking in the views or you’re going to feel seriously cramped here. And while the lake is right there, the road actually goes in between the property and the lakeshore so that’s a consideration. Also the high desert around these parts isn’t for everyone: there’s not a surplus of trees so you either find the spare minimalism beautiful or lonely and depressing.The Verdict: Last week we had a tricked-out new build that offered the illusion of getting away from it all—but this is the real deal. This is frying bacon on a cast iron pan, playing cribbage after dinner and maybe heading down to the lake and catching lunch. And when you get down to it, 129 acres is a lot of land and this price isn’t high given the proximity to major centres. And I have a sneaking suspicion the deer and the antelope play here.See the entire listing here.

The Enderby Open Air Market and Cliff Avenue Pedestrian Market happen every Friday, and I love the mix of local crafts, the BEST chocolate and organic vegetables. I usually buy my produce there from my neighbours, the Green Croft Gardens and Curly Willow Farm.

This area is amazing for hiking. The Enderby Cliffs trail has a great view and a well-kept path.

As soon as it’s warm enough, I’m all about swimming, swimming, and more swimming: I hit Gardom Lake in early summer, then Mara Lake in mid-summer.

I love everything about the Shuswap River–boating, floating and canoeing. In August and September it has plentiful sandy beaches that are like paradise.