Maybe condos in Vancouver aren’t such a bad deal after all?

Price: $469,000 Details: Main House 1,041 sq/ft. 2 Beds, 1 BathNeighbourhood: FairviewThe Skinny: Hang around a Vancouver cocktail party and sooner or later (usually sooner) talk turns to how overheated the condo market is here. I  don’t live in a condo and I’m not in the market for a condo so I usually just nod my head in agreement and take it for granted that condos are insanely priced in Vancouver. But I was checking out a real estate site the other day and I noticed this place and I’m starting to wonder if the cocktail party jabber is bunk. It’s in a nice neighbourhood, it’s a nice size and it’s nicely appointed. And while $470K ain’t chump change, it’s a figure that’s pretty doable for someone with a decent job.The Pros: The aforementioned troika of location, space and style. On top of that, there’s a garden area, which isn’t the same as a garden but is a lot better than nothing but concrete. The windows are a nice custom shape and it gives the place a high end look, as does the fireplace. It’s got nice new appliances, even if the stove is ceramic topped ( an acquired taste that is, at least, a cinch to clean). There appears to be a fair bit of storage to boot and no rental restrictions.The Cons: $469,000 is $469,000 no matter how you slice it. You could buy a pretty decent house in almost any other city in North America for this sort of cake. The exterior of the building looks to be pink and the until appear to be ground floor (a positive for some, a negative for others).View the full listing here.