Is this Revelstoke’s (beautiful) White Elephant?

Price: $4,000,000Details: Main House 5,100 sq/ft. 6 Beds, 5 Baths /Carriage House 1,236 sq/ft 2 Beds, 1 BathNeighbourhood: Revelstoke Mountain Resort (5 Hours from Calgary, 7 from Vancouver )The Skinny: A few years back I was dispatched to Revelstoke to meet up with golf legend Nick Faldo, who had been retained to build a championship course at the base of the then new Revelstoke Mountain Resort. As we stood on a bluff Nick pointed out where the holes would fall and also where the mutli-million dollar homes would rest (“many of them with their own helipads” gushed on the the PR doyens).  The course still hasn’t opened, and while the base village is slowly growing the multi-million dollar pads haven’t materialized—for the most part. This house is a promise of the way things might have turned out-and may turn out still at this amazing mountain. It’s huge and done in a very mountain contemporary vibe—not too modern not to classical—that appeal to most.The Pros: Revelstoke is an amazing mountain with almost no lift lines—ever. Downtown is also authentically cool with 120 year-old Victorian Mansions left over from the town railway and mining heydays and the superlative Mt. Begbie Brewery is located here too. This house has pretty much everything: 8 person sauna, tonnes of space, expansive views and a carriage house so you can have guests without going crazy. But then again it’s $4,000,000 in a town where the next most expensive house is just over a quarter of that price.The Cons: It’s $4,000,000 in a town where the next most expensive house is just over a quarter of that price. And for that kind of dough, I expect that a wine cellar or a home cinema or some other toy that says I’m living the dream. And I wonder if you’d get lonely waiting for all the other hedge fund dudes to discover this little slice of paradise. Also from the pics it looks like one of the rooms has some weird old-school panelling (see slideshow below) that seems like it came from a trailer or my parent’s basement.