$17 million is the going rate.

Arthur EricksonAddress: 1056 Groveland Road, West VancouverPrice: $16,800,000 Listing: R2322387The skinny: Four-bedroom, four-bathroom, 5,887-square-foot house on 1.18 acres of the British PropertiesThe bling: Rich people, we know we often lambaste you for having poor taste, for following fashion, for flinging gold leaf and Italian marble around in place of using your excessive wealth to create something timeless and classic. We know that sometimes we might even get a little snippy about it. And we want you to know that we do this, not merely for your own good, but for the good of us all. Seriously, why should our environment be sullied by monstrous displays of your vulgarity? But we digress… This week we are offering you a tremendous opportunity to show some style, some understanding of the privilege you wield with that capacious checking account. This is your chance to buy an outright masterwork. A property so singular and iconic, your purchase will be so much more than a mere monetary investment: you will be the caretaker of this glorious, glamorous estate designed by Arthur Erickson. And, if you don’t want to actually live in it, we at Big Fat Deal will happily housesit for you all day, every day until the end of time.The hidden extras: All furnishings designed by Erickson and his team, carriage house, swimming pool, creekOriginally posted on bcbusiness.com Arthur Erickson