California Closets saves a small space.

When California Closets€™ Tara Blanchet was asked to do a home makeover for the Nat and Drew Show's Erin Davis, she set about finding beautiful and practical solutions for Davis's family of four.Davis, her husband, their two teenage daughters, the family dog, and all of their belongings were squeezed into a small Vancouver bungalow, where €œwe had been using plastic blue bins stacked up inside our closets to try and deal with storage,€ says Davis.Enter Blanchet, who identified Erin's closet as €œvery small and unusable,€ but found a solution: €œWe blew out a wall to make room for a closet that's four times larger,€ says Blanchet.Davis couldn€™t be happier with the results. €œMy husband and I have a big, beautiful closet now, with lots of hanging room and large, deep drawers, as well as a cupboard with glass doors,€ she says. €œThe cupboard is perfect for days when I just want to toss a few things behind closed doors!€Blanchet provided the whole family with storage solutions. Davis's two daughters each got a new closet, and Davis beams, €œthey€™re enjoying cleaning their rooms.€ Blanchet added shelves and hanging space to the laundry room to keep it tidy, and the family is no longer tripping over shoes in the front entranceway, thanks to a new, dedicated space for footwear.It's made life at the Davis home more peaceful. €œWe are all organized, and not running around looking for things,€ explains Davis. €œThose moments of saved time€¦are precious. Life is good.€California Closets creates locally built, custom storage solutions for homes of all sizes: from walk-in-closets to pantries, media centres to garages, and more. Take advantage of their up to 15-per-cent friends-and-family discount until December 31st.