Install sliding glass doors, hide storage opportunities everywhere and more wisdom from the West’s best designers.

April Trade Secrets Kyla Bidgood Western Living (Photo: Jen Steele.)

Make the entryway pop with bold wallpaper.

“In a narrow space, keep it to just one wall, so it’s not overbearing,” suggests designer Kyla Bidgood. “And layer smart pieces in front.” (Photo: Janis Nicolay)

Separate spaces with a glass door to maintain privacy without shutting out the daylight.

“People are drawn in here to read a book or, conversely, use it as a place to crash,” says Sydney Carlaw, principal of Purity Designs. (Photo: Ema Peter)

Custom fit mirrors to open up a small bathroom and distract from an awkward layout.

“Great design should have confidence that it can emerge up and out of challenges,” says Clinton Cuddington, one-half of design team Measured Architecture

Build a desk on a tract to shift with the needs of a room.

“A lot of condo buildings tick the boxes, but don’t think in-depth about how the human body engages with the space,” says Haeccity Studio Architecture‘s Shirley Shen. (Photo: Janis Nicolay.)

Create storage space underneath a built-in bench for easy access to your favourite books.

“We’re always pulling out magazines and books for references, so we didn’t want to put them out of sight,” explains Chambers and Stark‘s Vanessa Stark. “We thought, let’s make it simple and see how we live.” (Photo: Janis Nicolay.)

Use decorative screens to break up an open-concept floor plan.

“The homeowner wanted beautiful colour, pattern and texture to enjoy at every corner,” says designer Erin Chow.

(Photo by Tracey Ayton.)

Paint the wall behind the TV black so it blends in visually when it’s turned off.

“If you put the TV on the wall and had the sofa facing that, you’d lose the best part of the space,” explains Gaile Guevara, interior designer.(Photo: Janis Nicolay.)

Install at least some open storage to show off your treasures.

“It’s important to create open space,” explains designer Carrie McCarthy. “A place to honour your belongings, not just a place to unload stuff.”

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