€œI love the geometric print on this Zak and Fox fabric. The Mirucha colourway with that deep green accent is stunning. The perfect fabric for drapery or as upholstery on an accent chair.€

Bob the Robot office by Studio Joanna Laajisto, Helsinki, Finland. €œIt's all about that mix of subtle textures and an organic colour palette that is warm and inviting but still modern. It's a look that is livable and evokes warmth and comfort. The addition of deep greens and terracotta accents gives the look depth.€

€œI love Egg Collective's Howard sofa€”It's a unique take on the classic sectional. It's angled in just the right way, with walnut feet that extend the whole depth of the sofa. The details on the arm are perfection: they add an extra layer of comfort, but the sofa still looks streamlined.€

€œI am so inspired by mobiles right now, like this Full Lune design by Ladies and Gentlemen Studio. Mobiles are so sculptural and add an unexpected touch to a space.€

€œThe team at Apparatus is definitely one to watch. Its designers have a great way of creating pieces that take inspirations from different cultures, and finding unique ways of incorporating an organic feeling into their pieces. Their use of natural materials is impeccable, and the shape of this Interlude coffee table is so unique. Organic in its form, with the stunning rounded planes of Patagonia marble and a brass base, it would be a showstopper in any space.€

Calgary-based Alykhan Velji Designs has been creating beautiful spaces for over 10 years, specializing in both residential and commercial projects.