Three generations share one property (and a great balance of privacy and family time) thanks to this Studio North-designed laneway house.

When we spotted this chic laneway house on Bowerbird today and noticed it was a) in Calgary and, b) designed by one of our design crushes, Studio North, we knew we had to share it with the world.This project was intended to bring family together: a place for grandparents to live nice and close to their family members who had taken over the main house. “With a small child, aging parents and a busy lifestyle, adding a laneway house to their property is an ideal way to allow the family to grow,” says the Studio North design statement. “For less than buying a condo in the same community, building a laneway house is an affordable and more viable alternative for the grandparents who wish to age in place, live closer to their family, and maintain independence. For the young family, providing a laneway house for the grandparents will provide assistance with raising their child, and will give them peace of mind knowing that their in-laws are close by.”The 850-square-foot home frames a south-facing garden and is built right next to the garage, which offers the opportunity for a rooftop patio space. The shared yard brings the whole family together on a regular basis, while still keeping everyone’s privacy in tact. Inside the modern two-storey unit, the living and kitchen space is on the main floor (ensuring accessibility for grandma and grandpa in the future); a vaulted roof allows natural light to flood in through dormers.It may be a smaller space than the main home on the property, but there’s still big possibilities to be found in this smartly designed building.  

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