Some trends have become tired and overused. We asked some of Western Canada’s best designers what trends they’re ready to see gone€”and what should replace them.

Trade Macrame For Art

“I have not, and will not embrace this trend. It probably stems from some deep-seated trauma of having that kind of stuff all over my parents house growing up.  My aunt made my mother a beige yarn plant hanger that she placed very proudly in the corner of the living room. I'm not a fan of hanging plants at the best of times, but hanging them in a yarn basket with €œcute€ details is a very big NO THANK YOU for me!  I keep seeing these wall hangings that people make and think how much better a piece of art would look instead.”

€”Kevin Mitchell, Mitchell Design House

Say No To Disposable

“I hope that the trend of disposable furnishings will die off and be replaced with the appreciation of modern and traditional classics – well made goods that will outlast a lifetime.”

€” Kelly Deck, Kelly Deck Design

“I would love to see the disposable furniture trend ending.  Let€™s get back to collecting quality pieces that last. Build a future with furniture, not creating more trash.”

€” Paul Lavoie, Paul Lavoie Interior Design

Use The Real Thing

“One trend or €œmovement€ that I'm really done with is fake finishes. If you want your floor to have the warmth of wood, use real wood. And please, just say no to fake marble with bizarre veining. Mother nature is the ultimate artist, and while the €œfakes€ have come a long way, there is no substitution for the real thing!”

€” Stephanie Brown, Stephanie Brown Inc

Move On from Modern Farmhouses

“The “modern farmhouse” in its full form is just too much in our opinion – the market is just currently saturated with it. There are ways of taking what you love most of the modern farmhouse style and mixing it with other styles and elements to create something a bit more unique. Every coffee table does not need wood bead garland wrapped around a scented candle.

We would love to see the return of more elegant and refined interiors that have a bit more drama to them. It’s always inspiring to come across a space that has so much wow factor to it that keeps you staring into every corner. We also love how furniture impacts the overall design, so we appreciate when people work through the furnishing and decorating stage with the same intent and patience they do with other details. Don’t buy something because it’s available, buy something because it’s what you love and what the space needs.”

€” Trevor Ciona and Curtis Elmy, Atmosphere Interior Design

Trade Rich Wood Tones For Barn Board

“I think I am a little over the rustic look. Barn board and rustic accents I feel are on their way out. I would love to see the introduction of richer wood tones like walnut or darker oaks for a more refined look. I think it goes hand in hand with interiors becoming a little more traditional in their aesthetic.”

€” Alykhan Velji, Alykhan Velji Designs

Opt For Warm Woods Instead of Grey

“Grey. We are greyed out. We are loving all of the warm woods and tones filtering back in and are here for a change!”

€” Amanda Hamilton, Amanda Hamilton Design

Make Ethical Choices

“I’ve never been a supporter of taxidermy and I think it’s not completely in-line with the way our world is headed. We are all striving to be more conscientious of our choices both from an environmental and ethical standpoint.”

€” Louis Duncan-He, Louis Duncan-He Designs

Trade Angular Tiles For Natural Stone

“Hexagon tiles and angular forms can go, they have been overused. We are in favour of softer forms these days and Interesting natural stone tile with natural movement in them.”

€” Denise Ashmore, Project 22 Design

Introduce Timeless Ceramics

“Although I do like potted plants, the current trend of too many small succulents in one space is overused and I would like to see more concentration on just beautiful collections of hand-crafted ceramics. You can introduce texture in your space by including ceramics with different glaze finishes and colour that add a rustic feel and a timeless quality. But then of course there is nothing more beautiful than an oversized ceramic floor pot with a giant tree inside.”

€” Monica Stevens, Monica Stevens Interior Design

Move on From Minimalism

“Pretty bored with super cold and modern minimalist interiors. Instead we love adding different textures and layers to make spaces feel warmer. In bedrooms our favorite is the different options for bedding and throw pillows to dress up a space and make it livable and inviting.”

€” Phyllis Lui, Kalu Interiors