Trends may come and go, but there are some that have staying power. We asked some of the West’s best designers what trends they think should stick around in the years to come.

Large Format TileCredit: Eymeric Widling

Large Format Tile

“As more suppliers begin to offer large format porcelain tiles it’s becoming a far more affordable option.  Most can be installed on walls, floors and counters depending on the thickness.  When your goal is to achieve a minimalist and modern interior the last thing you want to see is a grout line and break in the tile veining every 24 inches.  If full slab-size tiles aren’t in the budget opt for the largest size available.”

Kevin Mitchell, Mitchell Design House

Kelly Deck DesignCredits – Interior Design: Kelly Deck Design Furnishing and Decor: Kimberly Jones Lifestyle Photography: Ema Peter Styling: Debbie Frederickson

Layered Classics

“Since lockdown, we’ve seen people move away from austere and spare interiors and move towards those that are increasingly layered and reassuring. I find our clients open to the use of antiques and classic silhouettes in their furnishings as well as truly traditional details in the architecture of their interiors. This celebration of warm and classic interiors really resonates with my belief that a home should be timeless and storied.”

Kelly Deck, Kelly Deck Design

Stephanie Brown IncDining room featuring a mix of styles and trends; Stephanie Brown Inc

Listen To Your Heart

“I like to embrace any “trend” that supports a client’s personality, or a home’s context. There are so may varied and contrasting trends out there, from colourful maximalism to muted organic palettes, there’s something for everyone. We believe in a “You do You” mentality for making aesthetic choices, rather than trying to limit yourself what’s trendy and popular.”

Stephanie Brown, Stephanie Brown Inc

Louis Duncan-He DesignsLouis Duncan-He Designs


Fluted Detailing

“I am obsessing over fluted details especially in wood and glass. It’s such an elegant way to add an organic and natural texture. I love that we are seeing it in furniture as well in addition to cabinets and interior fixtures. I’ve always loved finding the dichotomy between the natural and material worlds, and this is such an easy transition point.”

Louis Duncan-He, Louis Duncan-He Designs

“We love that people are embracing fluting details, there are so many unique ways of incorporating this architectural interest. Like anything, too much of a good thing is not so good, so we like its use in moderation.”

– Trevor Ciona and Curtis Elmy, Atmosphere Interior Design

Alykhan Velji DesignsCredit: Alykhan Velji Designs and Klassen Photography 

A Touch Of Traditional

“I have always been a huge fan of mixing different design styles so the trend of mixing in traditional furniture pieces in interiors is one that I am all over. The textural component also speaks to me with richer looking interiors, making for warm and inviting spaces. I think we are all a little tired of the starkness and want to live in spaces that are warmer and more comforting.” 

Alykhan Velji, Alykhan Velji Designs

Amanda Hamilton Interior DesignAmanda Hamilton Interior Design

Sculptural Function

“Sculptural, architectural furniture that feels more like art. Signature pieces that add character and conversation to a space.”

Amanda Hamilton, Amanda Hamilton Interior Design

Unsplash // Nathan OakleyUnsplash // Nathan Oakley

Earthy Palettes 

“Earth tones should remain, I know people are craving colour but lets not swing too far especially toward pastels.”

– Denise Ashmore, Project 22 Design

Mixed Metals

“I love the mixing of metallic finishes. This feels like we are have opened the door to different moods and eras.”

Paul Lavoie, Paul Lavoie Interior Design

Unsplash // Daniel ChenUnsplash // Daniel Chen

Venetian Plaster

“The trend I would like to see have longevity is the layering technique on walls derived from the old Venetian plaster wall finishes. The technique highlights architectural features, adding a counterpoint of warmth, texture and dimension to walls when paired with an environment of contemporary aesthetics.  With the popularity of concrete and Brutalistic architecture, this Venetian revival of plaster walls is a very doable option to create a soft version of this new appreciation of Brutalistic architecture.”

Monica Stevens, Monica Stevens Design

Kalu InteriorsKalu Interiors, Prince Edward Residence. Photographed by Provoke Studios

Decorative Trim

Some of the design trends that we are into lately include decorative trim details on walls or even on ceilings. On the wall it is a great alternative to wallpaper. It makes a stunning impact and adds a very custom feel to the space. There are a multitude of patterns that can be achieved with just trim and by simply varying up the colour it can change up the way that a space feels.

On the ceiling it adds another layer of interest to the otherwise plain 5th wall.” 

Phyllis Lui, Kalu Interiors

Geralynne MitschkeCredit: Geralynne Mitschke Design

Add A Touch Of Something Green

“I love the biophilic movement of using plants to add life, connection to nature, visual interest and texture to any inside environment, public or private. Not only do plants look good but they add to the health and well-being of the occupants. Personal favorites: the Asparagus fern coupled with Donkey Tails!”

Geralynne Mitschke, Geralynne Mitschke Design