For Dinner by Design, Kelly Deck created a tablescape to celebrate handcrafted design, complete with a hand-stitched wall .

In “Dinner at Anastasia’s,” Kelly Deck nods to her grandmother in a celebration of handcrafted design, from the hand-sewn cross-stitched walls and ceiling (which took 180 hours to create) to the custom gifts alongside each diner’s place setting.Use chargers for dinner parties. Placemats are perfect for daytime, but for the evening, a larger charger plate (in this case, black glass) is the perfect substitute for a tablecloth—especially on this gorgeous Arco Estenso table, which doesn’t need adornment.Don’t forget the ceiling. The presence of the cross-stitch pattern overhead makes the space feel more intimate, notes Deck. You can also add drama with elegant light fixtures, like these oversized black Audrey pendants.Give your guests a take-away gift. It’s one of Deck’s signature moves: she loves to give her dinner guests a handmade gift. In this case they were homemade sugar cookies inside a tiny box, but chocolates are perfect (and thoughtful), too.Kelly Deck Dinner by DesignKelly Deck Dinner by DesignKelly Deck Dinner by Design