Want a hit of summer, all year long? Find inspiration in this airy space in a West Vancouver home, where sunshine yellow rules.

“We refer to this as a callback,” says Ian McLeod, who runs Vancouver design duo Johnson and McLeod Design Consultants with his partner, Kerry Johnson. The pair first worked with the homeowners ten years ago, bringing cool blue seaside accents and warm family living to the West Vancouver home. But when the family wanted a little more elbow room, they brought back Johnson and McLeod—this time to build from the ground up. The former site of the two-car garage became a three-level extension to the home, topped with what McLeod describes as “the birdhouse.” The room is intended as a grown-up escape: a simple office space for her, a reading lounge and games table for both of them.Yellow attic room Johnson McLeodYellow attic room Johnson McLeodPATTERN | Limit vibrant patterns to just one accent piece and a few throw pillows. “Patterns and colour combinations are very of-the-moment, like fashion,” notes designer Ian McLeod. By keeping the predominant palette neutral and timeless, he says, and adding just a few notes of a striking pattern—like this ikat-covered occasional chair—those fashionable elements can be easily swapped out in the future for the next of-the-moment trend.Yellow attic room Johnson McLeodTEXTURE | Play up texture when working with a neutral palette. Yellow is the statement colour here, but it works because the rest of the room is in sandy neutrals. “I prefer texture over colour,” says McLeod. “When I do use colour, I like small hits of it that sit comfortably in the room.” That neutral palette is given interest with velvet and tweed, a lush silk carpet and polished chrome and glass—everything from the most reflective surfaces to the softest, wooliest fabrics.Yellow attic room Johnson McLeodLIGHT | Keep lighting simple when you’re playing up the view. Uncomplicated, elegant lighting like these schoolhouse pendants from Restoration Hardware—paired with the polished nickel sconces that line the windows—are charmingly vintage in a space that evokes an old meeting hall.Yellow attic room Johnson McLeodSTORY | Create a sense of history through careful selection of materials. While this space is new, the design team wanted it to feel like it had always been a part of the home. To echo the character of an old industrial building—the unusually angled ceiling also creates a historic feel—each end of the room is lined in quarter-inch-thick pieces of brick veneer, handset by a tiler. Johnson and McLeod had the bricks painted the same shade as the rest of the room: Benjamin Moore Ultra White.Yellow attic room Johnson McLeodFEATURE | Contrast an angular design with one curvy element. The oversize circular window at the end of the space quickly earned the room its nickname: the Birdhouse. In a space filled with square edges and angles, the round design offers a welcome contrast, as well as the most intimate view. The other windows look to the waterfront on three sides, where this side frames the nearby forested mountainside, adding a bright green splash of colour to the white wall.Yellow attic room Johnson McLeodCOLOUR | Find your colour inspiration in artwork. This piece by Briana Sophia Horne was discovered at Vancouver’s Brougham Interiors by McLeod, who “became obsessed with it as a starting point.” The egg-yolk yellow butterflies were the inspiration for those gorgeous custom-made chairs from Livingspace in Vancouver, along with a piece painted by McLeod himself. wl 

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