Three new palettes to inspire your next paint pick. 

Every summer, on break from her job as an elementary school teacher, my mother would kick off vacation by applying a fresh coat of paint to our living room (her preferred method of “kicking back” apparently involves manual labour). It would unfailingly be some slight variation on a colour she jokingly called “Sun-kissed Tuscan Pumpkin Chiffon”€”a golden beige that warmed the room even on the greyest of days.

All of this is to say: not everyone is a trend chaser when it comes to paint colours, I get it. Some of us have found the hue that makes us happy and have committed for life (or at least until next summer break). But if you are looking for a change, there’s no easier way than injecting a pop of colour (or a palette-cleansing fresh neutral) into your space… and with paint brands constantly scouring the design landscape for fresh inspiration, there’s always something new to consider.

Behr Paint, for example, recently announced its 2020 Colour Trends palettes, which are inspired by… life in general, it seems. “We take a look at what's happening in the world around us€”in fashion, pop culture, travel, home decor and beyond,” explains Erika Woelfel, Behr’s colour expert.

And what did life inspire this time around? “The 2020 colour trends source inspiration from the desire to engage with the world around us and restore balance in our everyday lives,” says Woelfel. “Consumers are seeking new ways to create spaces to be more connected to health and wellness€”with colour being at the forefront.” In practice, that means a balanced mix of grounding shades, energizing tints, deep accent hues and atmospheric pastels… basically anything but Sunkissed Tuscan Pumpkin Sun Chiffon. (Maybe next year, Mom!)

3 Colour Palettes Trending for 2020

A bathroom painted with Cider Spice.


Punchy oranges, rich reds and desert-y hues like gold and clay work together to create a globally inspired palette.

A front door pops in Light Drizzle.


In this political climate, we need all the moments of calm we can get, and this collection of colours celebrate serenity: think soothing blues and greens that nod to nature.

Atmospheric pastels warm up a hallway.


Pastels get a modern twist: less Easter egg, more Scandi cool. Layer dusty lilac and pinky beige with warm whites and greys for a fresh mix of hues that can work for pretty much any style.