Keep It Coming

Which trends do we wish were here to stay?

€œMany people are thinking that mixing metals is going to fade out. But we love this€”we can create drama with a brass kitchen faucet as the focal point and mix in matte black
handles to create an interesting yet cohesive design.€€“Jamie Banfield, Jamie Banfield Design

€œPatterned floor tile€”It's one of my favourites. There is such a huge variety right now, from concrete to porcelain, from country-chic to mid-century-modern geometrics. I'm seeing more suppliers roll out more patterns, and I love it!€€“Kevin Mitchell, Mitchell Design House

€œCurves€”I can€™t get enough of them! I'll be okay if this one stays around for a bit.€€“Erin Chow, The Haven Collective

€œHandmade or imperfect materials.€€“Kyla Bidgood, Bidgood and Co.

€œFor 2020 trends, we€™d love to see terrazzo stay around. Terrazzo is a great way to add a textural element to many spaces, whether that be your kitchen island countertop or on the floor and wall of your ensuite.€€“Jamie Banfield, Jamie Banfield Design

So long

And just as important: if you could see the last of one trend, which would it be?

€œThis may be very unpopular for me to say, but murals. My best friend in elementary school had one of a tropical beach that took up the entire wall in his living room. I can€™t stand stuff like that. Over-scaled wallpaper patterns? Sure thing! Can€™t get enough. One image that wraps around the entire wall or room so that it looks like the Amalfi Coast? Nope, never. No, thank you!€€“Kevin Mitchell, Mitchell Design House

€œI am so over the white-on-white kitchen. It's the definition of low-hanging fruit and I hope we can move past it.€€“Ben Leavitt, PlaidFox Studio

€œAnimal heads on walls, in any form: bone, faux-bone, or even as stuffies. People seem to forget what this is or what it represents€”the needless death of a living creature for decoration.€€“Francesca Albertazzi, Rudy Winston Design