Bored with your interior? Try one of these quick-and-easy updates from interior design Kendall Ansell.

Every relationship has its ups and downs—including the one with your home. No matter how beautiful a space may be, “you’re going to fall out of love with it eventually,” says designer Kendall Ansell. Sometimes that disenchantment owes to a major life change, like retirement, the loss of a loved one or the arrival of a new baby. And sometimes, it’s just a case of that infamous wandering eye. Ever glanced sidelong at a new condo complex and wondered what could have been? It’s simple: after years in the same space, the spark might be gone. But that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s time to move on or that you need to break out the sledgehammer for a major remodel. “You can settle with what you have and also not make it settling,” says Ansell, who regularly helps clients fall back in love with their spaces. She knows firsthand that small changes can make all the difference and leave a homeowner feeling starry-eyed once again. ka-love-home_002.jpg

1. Serious Concentration

Focus your efforts in the room where you spend the most time—likely the living room or family room, Ansell says. The kitchen is a more significant undertaking, so leave it until you have the time to take on a serious reno.

2. Shape Shifter

Swap out that rectangular coffee table for a circular piece, or choose a new nightstand that’s a little less square. “Just try out different shapes,” suggests Ansell—you’ll be surprised at how dramatic the change can be. ka-love-home_004.jpg ka-love-home_003.jpg

3. Broad Strokes?

A new coat of paint is everyone’s go-to for a quick refresh, but don’t feel like you need to spend the whole weekend with a roller in hand. “Do one wall,” Ansell advises—it’s enough to make a big impact.

4. The Blues

“Blue is my neutral,” Ansell laughs. “It goes with everything.” The designer loves repainting moldings in this soft hue, particularly in basements. “A space that is a bit darker needs that little pick me up of colour,” she explains. ka-love-home_001.jpg

5. Plumb Job

When it comes to plumbing, “the only thing to be scared of is the stuff in the wall,” Ansell says. “The chrome part that you see can easily be changed, as long as you stay with the same brand.” Switch out these fixtures to give your bathroom an easy update.

6. Outside the Lines

“You can absolutely paint ceramic tile,” Ansell says, noting that specialty paints for the job are available at any local hardware store. It’s an easy way to modernize outdated decor tile—“just don’t drop a hammer on it afterwards!”

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