A stunning staircase and floor-to-ceiling curtain wall highlight the open design from intern architect Marvin DeJong and designer Nyla Free in the city’s Elbow Park neighbourhood.

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This bright and light-filled space is a big change for its new owners. Their former home was one of the many affected by the great flood of 2013 in Calgary, and though they repaired the damage to the basement and lower level, they were ready to move on. “I think once the dust settled, that’s when they reached out and found a new lot,” says designer Nyla Free. “They came from almost the exact opposite type of home—it was much more traditional, and quite dark. They just wanted a departure from that.” The couple turned to intern architect Marvin DeJong to design them an open-concept plan for the new space, a shift from the carved-up traditional house they’d left behind. Free came on board to bring in a soft, neutral palette. “With the striking staircase and curtain wall of windows, we wanted the furniture to play its part, but not be overpowering,” says Free. “We just wanted to create a really calming feel to the home.” NylaFree_ElbowParkModern_FINAL_lowres-022-1024x576.jpg

NylaFree_ElbowParkModern_FINAL_lowres-012-1024x1024.jpg NylaFree_ElbowParkModern_FINAL_lowres-032-1024x1024.jpg NylaFree_ElbowParkModern_FINAL_lowres-007-1024x683.jpg NylaFree_ElbowParkModern_FINAL_lowres-037-683x1024.jpg

NylaFree_ElbowParkModern_FINAL_lowres-001-683x1024.jpg   NylaFree_ElbowParkModern_FINAL_lowres-079-683x1024.jpg NylaFree_ElbowParkModern_FINAL_lowres-053-1024x683.jpg NylaFree_ElbowParkModern_FINAL_lowres-060-819x1024.jpg NylaFree_ElbowParkModern_FINAL_lowres-063-683x1024.jpg NylaFree_ElbowParkModern_FINAL_lowres-073-683x1024.jpg  

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