Rethink the classic stone as organic, not opulent. Pair with warm metals and woods to perfect West Coast chic.

1. Circular Reasoning White marble circular candle holder ($59) by Fort Standard. 2. Copper Cool Copper-topped candle holders (from $66) by Engesvik for Menu. 3. Stone Cold Style Clover table with stone top and chrome base ($695) by Regina Andrews. 4. Rock and Roll Hand-knotted Stone carpet ($3,500) by East India Carpets. 5. Top Table Free Range coffee table ($839) by BluDot. 6. Served Up Marble serving board ($140) by Roost. 7. Shades of Grey Strata marble prep bowls ($95) by Roost. 8. Marbelous Nonagon trivet ($110) by Fort Standard. WL0914.ShopTalkMarble.EydisE-copy.jpg