It's no surprise that we're big fans of local lighting design company ANDlight: both Lukas Peet and Caine Heintzman have been named WL Industrial Designers of the Year. (Lukas in 2014, Caine in 2021). And with fellow ANDlight-ian Matt Davis, they€™ve just opened up a new two-storey and studio space in East Van designed by Peet.

The street-level studio showroom is open by appointment, and it’s currently featuring insitu installations of Peet's latest designs for the brand.

His Spotlight line, for example, is now available in even larger shade dimensions (seen in the capsule collection below), as well as a striking floor lamp.

Pebble, which celebrates the organic, lovely quality of natural stones, is on display in several iterations, including a double helix design (below, installation at the back).

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Their final fabrication and shipping of their designs takes place in the production studio behind the display space, with the team's offices upstairs. 

For opening night, there was also a (super secret) preview of Peet’s latest design, which will be launched in Milan in April 2022.

The studio space features a gallery by the entranceway, which will celebrate the art and design of some of their staff, like these pieces from glassblower and staff member Lusia Murphy.

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Credit: Luis Valdizon

ANDlight’s Lukas Peet designed the new space, including the upstairs offices.

The studio is at 1951 Franklin Street, and open by appointment.