Maybe It's just me, but in the winter I have a mug in my hands basically at all times. Blame it on my bad circulation (gotta keep the fingers warm somehow, right?), but mugs are basically a staple of my wardrobe at this point. I have a mug for every mood, month and major meteorological event. I even have a rather impractical boot-shaped mug (thank you, Vancouver Christmas Market). For all my fellow mug-lovers out there, here are eleven stunning mugs to add to your collection before it’s too warm for mugs to be an acceptable accessory. Where they ever? I’ll leave that up to you. 

EQ3’s Botra Mug

Earl Grey Enjoyment

EQ3's elegant Botra Mug ($9.99) is made from Vietnamese stoneware and features matte finishing and a retro circular handle.

CB2’s Valley Matte Yellow Mug

Sunny Sipping

This cheery, whimsical mug from CB2 ($7.95) will brighten up even the dreariest of Mondays.

Crate&Barrel’s Ora Stoneware Mug

Iridescent Indulgence

Each one of these ethereal hand-glazed mugs from Crate and Barrel ($10.95) is unique, making it stunning on its own or as a set.

Old Faithful’s Borosilicate Mug

Cappuccino Contentment

Part of Old Faithful's Amber Collection ($33.95), this mug is made from borosilicate glass, which resists chemical and acid degradation, so It's gorgeous and good for you!

Walrus’s Sip Cup

Espresso Ease

Perfect for an espresso or small cup of tea, Walrus's palm-sized Sip Cups ($30) are hand-crafted in Copenhagen.

Örling & Wu’s One-O-One

Coffee Comfort

Take your caffeine fix on the go with Ã–rling & Wu’s ($95) sleek non-slip ceramic design. Plus, the tourmaline-coated material apparently purifies liquids right there in the tumbler.

KARE’s Mug Miss Cow

Dairy Delight

These adorable rustic mugs from KARE ($19) bring a big cup of bovine cheer to your desk or breakfast table.

Simons’s Waves Espresso Cup

Blue Bliss

These minimalist espresso cups from Simmons ($38) are handcrafted upon ordering by Quebec artist Marie-Hélène.

The Cross’s Slate Mug

Slate Sublimity

Durable and eco-friendly, this sleek reusable mug from The Cross ($38) comes in slate and blush.

Inform Interior’s Fluted Contrast

Purple Pleasure

With decorative fluting and six vibrant colours to choose from, this modern design from Inform Interiors ($40) is ideal for sipping hot beverages inside and out.

Nineteen Ten’s Linen Mug

Tea-Drinker’s Delight

The perfect companion to a cozy armchair and a good book, Nineteen Ten's Linen Mug ($46) is wheel-thrown and hand-glazed in Vancouver.