FlaxSleep founder Anna Heyd shares her top tips for sleeping well on the longest days of the year.

Despite the oddly chilly weather we’ve been having this June-uary, the summer is officially here (!) —and with it comes the longest day of the year. Though the extra bit of sunlight means longer hangouts on the beach, safer late-night walks with the doggos and a bit of extra playtime for the kids, it also makes it hard for our bodies to know when it’s the right time to turn in.To help improve on her own sleep—Anna Heyd, founder of FlaxSleep, had been searching for the perfect set of linen bed sheets to go with her new bedroom furniture. When making healthy lifestyle choices—whether through exercise or excessive amounts of chaga mushrooms—Heyd believes sleep is the best thing you can do for yourself. “It’s really key,” she says. “A lot of people will invest in a mattress and a bed, but you shouldn’t stop there. The bedding you put on your bed makes a huge difference as well.”Heyd wanted to invest in linen (1) because its breathable fabric helps her sleep better and stay cool during those hot summer nights, and (2) linen reduces textile waste with its endurance and ability to get better with every wash. Unable to find the value vs. quality she was looking for, and guessing she may have not been the only one, she called up friends Oana Papuc and Vivian McCormick with an idea. After Papuc and McCormick struggled to find the right product as well, they decided to create it themselves with their combined skills and knowledge on the importance of a healthy night’s sleep. FlaxSleep founders from left to right: Vivian, Anna and Oana. FlaxSleep sets come in three signature colours: Cloud, Blush and Pebble.Scientists say we spend one-third of our life sleeping. Anna Heyd helps us contribute to that statistic by offering some of her top relaxation tips.1. Draw the BlindsSince Heyd wakes up super early, she relies on blackout curtains to put her to sleep for those 9 p.m bedtimes. In the complete darkness, her body knows it’s time to rest: “Blackout curtains are not just for babies,” laughs Heyd about this debated trend. “Everyone needs them.”2. Power OffYour bedroom should be a technology-free zone. “I don’t ever take a screen into my bedroom anymore,” says Heyd. Leaving your devices in a different room means the bedroom is strictly for relaxation and sleeping—and it allows the mind to slow down before you drift off.3. Set the MoodBefore hopping into bed, Heyd suggests lighting candles or loading up your diffuser with calm-inducing scented oils—or simply opening the window. A little fresh air, even for a short amount of time, will create a cool and comfortable environment that can even help boost serotonin levels with that extra flow of oxygen.4. Drink TeaCaffeine-free sleepy time teas, chamomile, peppermint and lemon, are always a nice warm hug for the soul that help the body relax. But FlaxSleep’s founders are big fans of Triphala tea, a natural antioxidant that rejuvenates tissues and supports healthy digestion for overall health.5. Rise and ShineHeyd insists morning rituals are just as important as your nighttime ones—whether it’s making yourself a hemp-milk latte, preparing a full breakfast or 20 minutes of yoga (and yes, stretching while you watch the morning news definitely counts). “Knowing that when you get up in the morning and you have something to look forward to helps you have a restful night,” says Heyd.