You know what they say: a picture’s worth a thousand words.

Renting an apartment has its perks (you don’t have to worry about landscaping, for one) but there are a few downsides as well: mainly that most landlords won’t let you paint. So instead, you’re stuck with blank, white walls that are just desperate for a little colour. And that’s where these six illustrated and abstract prints come in.

Downtown Portland Map, $45

This illustrated map epitomizes life in the Pacific North West (So. Many. Bikes), but Forest and Waves has an entire collection of wanderlust-inducing prints to choose from.  

Tvilling Posters, $20

With motifs designed by Sophie Ledesma and Joni Whyte, this set of two posters helps you express your artistic style in more ways than one.

Eat Sleep Play Repeat Art Print, $20

One glance at this punk-inspired mantra will inspire you to live your best life (you’ll notice it doesn’t mention anything about work). 

Nocturnal Creatures Print, $35

Jacqueline Schmidt’s illustration of nocturnal creatures—from cute and cuddly looking racoons and foxes to scorpions and bats—is perhaps best suited for the walls of a nursery, but we won’t judge if you decided to hang it in a more adult living space.

Pups Wall Art, $598

We can all use a few more pups in our lives—and thanks to the simplicity of this minimal design, they can fit into almost any room of the home.

Stranger Oversized Print, $78

Abstract swaths and shapes in black, coral, lilac and blue create a fun and feminine look; for an extra touch of glam, throw this one in a gold frame.

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