These stylish designs are a work of art all their own.

Umbrellas are about as bothersome inside as they are useful outside. Outside, they shelter us from the rain, protect us from the wind and make a cute accessory. Inside, they dribble raindrops on the floor and fall over no matter how you prop them up—and more often than not, you forget where you put them. If you’re tired of searching your home blindly, wondering if you left your trusty umbrella in the closet, in the car or on the bus, these handy-dandy umbrella stands will be your saving grace. Oh, and they’re super stylish, too.

1. Brass Blast

The minimalist design of the Deco Marble umbrella stand ($169) makes it a welcome addition in any home. The combination of marble with an antique brass-finish gives this stand some extra class. Check out the matching multi-hook, coat rack and doorstop set—this family of four is one elegant bunch.

2. Drizzle Disc

The industrial trend isn’t just for houses—even umbrellas are getting in on raw, functional designs. The CB2 Umbrella Stand‘s ($35) black wire cage gives the accessory a light, inconspicuous feel, while a sturdy concrete base catches excess water.

3. Meandering Marvel

Move over, spiral staircase—this modern twist on umbrella-holding technology may be the next star of your entryway. The Narcisco umbrella holder (from $850) is crafted out of powder-coated fusion aluminum, using a special bending procedure to achieve its organic, petal-like shape. It also comes in five colours: white, beige, mustard, anthracite and fuschia.

4. Simple Stone

This unique umbrella stand can just as easily function as a pretty home decor piece. Matte marble and copper-plated steel gives the Mono umbrella stand ($130) a modern look, and the vaulted base prevents drips from damaging your floor.

4. Stand-up Steel

Versatility is this steel umbrella stand’s greatest strength; the Zipcode stand ($80) not only holds large umbrellas steady, but the upper slits also provide a space to hang smaller travel umbrellas. Bonus: everyday wear and tear is no match for this geometric accessory—the powder-coated steel is water- and rust-resistant and the base is removable, making cleaning easy.

6. Lucite Luxury

This sparking stand is the umbrella equivalent to a celebrity mansion. A brass-headed reptile coils around the Serpent umbrella stand ($1,300) by Jonathan Adler, giving it an extra touch of sophistication… and, admittedly, a bit of intimidation. Give your entryway some dazzle and dominance with this upscale accessory.

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