Glamorous and eco-friendly alternatives for everyday essentials.

Having an environmentally friendly lifestyle doesn’t mean you have to give up your glam. Here are six products that we’re loving right now, not just for their chic modern looks, but because they’re helping us fight the plastic tide.

Total Gems

Reusable water bottles are a must when it comes to eco-friendliness, but not just any bottle can turn regular tap water into some sort of magic gem water: it takes a pretty special design. VitaJuwel has developed a glass water bottle (hand-crafted in the Austrian Alps) with a bottom gem pod that’s filled with hand-picked gemstones—from sodalite to diamond slivers. According to them, you’ll be drinking “energetically more alive water than regular water”. Balance Via gem-water bottle ($130),


Join the Last Plastic Straw movement and add glam to your cocktails at the same time with one of these striking metal straws by W&P Design. The set includes four straws crafted from stainless steel with the option of choosing from gold, silver and copper finishes. Metallic Straws Set ($17),


It shouldn’t be hard to replace boring, disposable plastic cutlery with a dazzling Tiffany set of chopsticks. For their Everyday Objects collection, Tiffany artisans transform utilitarian items into must-have, high-end items. This portable chopsticks set can easily fit into your purse, so there’s no excuse for not taking it to your next afternoon lunch break. To make it more delightful, the set includes a tiny sterling silver rest and an iconic Tiffany blue pouch. Chopstick set ($710),

Honey Honey

“Honey I washed my hair” is just one of the 14 solid shampoo bars Lush has created as an alternative to shampoo disposable plastic bottles. One bar can last up to 80 washes (the equivalent of almost three bottles of liquid shampoo) and they are made with essential oils and fresh ingredients for healthy, gorgeous hairget one with popular ingredients like honey and coconut oil or try something peculiar like Moroccan argan or vetiver oil. Shampoo Bar (from $11),


It may look like another plastic bag, but this Stasher bag is made with food-grade silicone which makes it a long-lasting, great alternative to plastic bags and containers and (yay!) they’re BPA- and BPS-free. It’s also safe to put them in the freezer, microwave and dishwasher, and thanks to a patented pinch press seal, it’s leak-proof and airtight. Silicone reusable bag ($17),

Just Sensational

This coffee mug is something environmentalists and coffee lovers have always wanted: the world’s first temperature control mug. Ember has developed a smart travel mug that keeps your brewed coffee warm from the first to last sip, and because it’s 2018 and everything has to have an app, the mug connects wirelessly to your phone so you can remotely adjust it to your ideal temperature. Travel mug ($207),