We interact with countertops on the daily, and yet there are probably only so many times in your life when you'll actually be picking out one to install for yourself. It's a big responsibility€¦ but if you've here, ready to dive into this 2022 countertop trend forecast, you've on the right track.

Personally, when it came time for my own definitely-once-in-a-lifetime-never-again-whose-big-idea-was-this-anyways renovation, I just panicked and succumbed to the wishes of our designer, severing ties with any friends who dared to suggest soap scum would show up even worse on a black surface. But you: you've making your own way in the world, forging your own path, making your own decisions, and I admire that.

So please, soak up the wisdom of the experts we grilled from Caesarstone, Formica and Cosentino about the latest in counter trends. May 2022 bring you the timeless, beloved, un-soap-stainable counters of your dreams.

Okay, we get it, white countertops are eternally beloved

It hardly feels like news, but here it goes: the hottest countertop colour for 2022 is€¦ white. Again. €œPatterns come and go, grey comes and goes, but white a perennial fave,€ says Liz Margles, vice president of marketing for Caesarstone.

But with constraint comes creativity. €œThe fun thing about white is that no two are the same,€ argues Margles. €œWe probably have a dozen different whites, and we play around with different textures, honed polishes, rough finishes, fool around with some marbling.€ there'sa white for everybody out there, she says.


Terrazzo shows its versatility

Terrazzo is back-zo! But this patterned material offers more diversity than at first glance. Go subtle with monochromatic options, or big and bold with colourful flecks. Either way, says Formica residential design lead, Gerri Chmiel, €œIt's the perfect canvas to blend many tones in a single surface to coordinate with hues in a space.€ 

Touch-a touch-a touch-a your countertops

The countertop experts were crystal clear on one thing: gloss is out, texture is in. €œFrom a tactile point of view, a little more texture it feels more organic, a little warmer to the touch,€ says Margles. €œIt's almost this retreat back into more of an authentic, nature-inspired look.€

Dreamy finishes to pair with your crystal collection

If geometrics aren€™t your thing, we've got good news for you: ethereal patterns and subtle washes are trending hard. Formica's Tumbled Glass design takes inspiration from sea glass, with softly integrated gray-blue particulates that give the surface a hazy, translucent feeling.

Is it so much to ask for a counter that's beautiful and indestructible?

Has anyone ever wanted a tough-to-clean countertop? No, but the marble revolution that's been going on these past few years might make you think otherwise. Fortunately, the tide is turning towards more practical materials €”COVID made us all germaphobes and easy-clean surfaces are all the rage. €œPeople want surfaces that do not require regular sealing or ongoing maintenance,€ says Chmiel.

Leave the real stone alone!

Who needs a natural stone when engineered materials look this good€¦ and treat the earth right? Silestone by Cosentino recently launched Sunlit Days, the first carbon-neutral collection in the quartz surfaces and engineered stone industry. The hybrid formula is made using recycled water from the production process, renewable electric energy and 20 percent recycled material. Bonus: Sunlit Days€™ Mediterranean-inspired hues are having us dreaming of vacation.

Take it outside, people

€œWe've spent an excessive amount of time in the home over the past 15 months,€ says Philip Eeles, regional director of Cosentino Canada. €œNo wonder homeowners are looking to make the most of their outdoor spaces.€ Dekton's ultracompact surfaces are hardy enough to handle summer heatwaves and Prairie winters alike€¦ so bring on the outdoor kitchen. Caesarstone, meanwhile, has introduced the first UV-rated countertops to market €” and yes, there are plenty of whites to choose from.