Only a few months left until the great summer escape, away from the (home) office and the hectic go-go routines that come with it. Despite temptation to steer clear of all things urban, here are a few items to amplify your summer stay-cation comfort.

Get Toasty

Stay outdoors long enough to watch the sun go down without shivering. A Paloform firepit (starting from $2,200) is a summer essential and the centrepiece your backyard needs. 

Escape the City

This acacia wood table is countryside comfort at its finest. With no shaved edges and corners, the Golden Acacia 2 ($2,500) escapes the linear nature of the city, taking you with it.

Summer Colours

Whether It's time for summer brunch or evening wine, liven up the table with these Graf Lantz Merino wool felt tabletop trivets ($19). The colours and shapes bring aesthetic, joyful comfort to the home.

Wine Night Every Night

A glass of red is good for health, but is even better for a summer staycation. Keep your wines in one place while adding a sophisticated note to your home decor. The Agata wine rack ($209) is the perfect candidate.

Freshen the Air

Say goodbye to sticky summer heat and overworked AC's, that’s a problem of the past. The DH-70K Electric Dehumidifier ($349) will keep the air light and fresh.

Dine In Comfort

This multipurpose table will let you eat and rest in one place. The Hopper AA ($8,750) table designed by Dirk Wynants features slanted corners and low entry points, making it easy, functional and aesthetic.

Lights Out

Relish the summer night without stumbling your way through the dark. IKEa's Solvinden solar-powered globe light ($49) is vivid enough to keep the evening dim and the stars bright.