Times are tough, blah blah blah, and we’re looking for every excuse to bring a little calm energy into our homes. These dinner plates bring both function and good vibes to the table€”no matter the unprecedented times, we’ve still gotta eat. 

1. Colour Happy

Le Creuset’s sleek Minimalist dinner plates ($130 for a set of 4) come in 8 colours, including cerise, flame and Caribbean (that’s red, orange and blue, for those of us who don’t speak French). The recessed base makes them perfect for your extra saucy dishes. lecreuset.ca

2. For Shore

Made in Vietnam with natural clay, Ocean Waves porcelain dinner plates ($100 for a set of 4) add soothing seaside vibes to your table. The vibrant colours come without chemicals: they’re the result of firing the minerals in the clay and glaze at super high temperatures. westelm.ca

3. Dinner and Desert

There’s over three thousand years of pottery tradition behind these Albina plates ($95 each), made by potters in the Atzompa region of Mexico. Each is one-of-a-kind with a sandy, smoky, and mysterious style. obakki.com

4. Ripple Effect

These handmade white porcelain plates are packed with personality. They’re called Ripple Salad plates ($32 each)€”at 8 inches in diameter, it’s made for salads and light mains, though no one’s saying you can’t go back for seconds. Mix and match the muted colours for a truly tranquil table. haand.us

5. Dotty Delight

It’s probably ideal that online shopping is where it’s at right now€”we’d have a tough time asking for the Siirtolapuutarha ($36 each) in-store. This playful plate by Finnish design house Marimekko is made of hard porcelain and is dishwasher, freezer and microwave safe (so, good for heating up your takeout leftovers). eq3.com

6. Blushing Bites

We’re loving the delicate design of the Ora Blush dinner plate ($23 each), inspired by the sun rising over a white sand beach (ah, travelling). The unique pattern is made by hand-applying glaze sheets, which pool and crackle randomly on the plate. crateandbarrel.ca

7. Very Vanilla

The Oui Organic Stoneware dinner plate ($15 each) is like a blank canvas upon which you can paint your impressive homemade creations (or restaurant takeaway). They’re made in Portugal with a super subtle, reactive light blue glaze, making each piece a little different from the next. indigo.ca