Statement-making rugs and tiles that prove bold is beautiful (even underfoot).

Things get creative underfoot with bold patterns, singular shapes, solid sweeps and swaths of colour that make a canvas-like statement on the floor.

1. Painterly Palette

A vibrant mix of greens and blues, the Da Vinci rug ($600) could almost be the brush strokes and dabs of a Renaissance master.

2. Heart Attack

Corazón means “heart” in Spanish, making this Dellarobbia rug ($3,832) a funky, pop-art version of Latin heat—and a love letter to the floor.

3. Bird’s Eye

Make like a sky-high bird and float on the tufted topographical landscape of Robin by Ligne Roset ($2,059). It’s a flight of floor fancy.

4. Marble Works

Like the coveted marble once used by Michelangelo, Calacatta Borgo slabs by Antolini ($29 per square foot) have a certain posh polish, but this bold-veined pattern is actually printed on low-maintenance porcelain.

5. Modern Love

This hand-knotted 100 percent silk rug ($7,500) is like a piece of abstract art in a contemporary gallery—the only thing missing is the frame.

6. Paleo Design

Dino from BoConcept ($1,039) is a subtly organic yet boldly free-form rug that feels like both prehistoric artifact and avant-garde discovery at the same time.

Designer’s Pick by Andrea McLean

Brick is such a natural and warm material. It has an inherent texture that feels authentic underfoot. And the way it’s laid can provide additional interest, like in a herringbone pattern. The brick style can be rustic, contrasted with a minimal interior/exterior, or it can be level and uniform with subtle movement, like the flooring in Philip Johnson’s Glass House in Connecticut.

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