there'sanimal lovers, and then there'severyone else in the world.

If you’ve ever asked the question ‘do you love your pet more than me?’, then you’ll already know the answer. It’s a yes. A yes without a hint of hesitation. And as it’s the season of giving, to show them how much you care—and how much you are totally not offended by their pet’s hierarchy—we’ve compiled a selection of gifts for your favourite two-legged humans that are in p-awe of their furry companions. 

For those who are proud of their pets

Personalized portraits are thoughtful gifts that can be proudly displayed in a home and kept forever. Not to mention they’re seriously adorable. No human has ever looked that cute in a flower (from $13.50)

For those who hate saying goodbye

Because missing your pet is all too real. The Furbo allows you to see, talk and dispense treats whilst you’re on the go. On second thought, we’re not sure anything productive would ever get done once the front door closes. *Sits in car watching dog nap whilst battery level drops increasingly*Furbo ($299) 

For those who like taking it easy

For cats that love to climb, this perch is perfect for relaxing, napping or just judging others from higher ($65.99) 

For the ones with attachment issues

For those who want to be their pets’ personal courier, the Roodie will allow them to do just that. Whether they’re puttering around the house, picking up groceries or just lounging on the sofa, their pet will be by their side the whole

For the ones that love to snooze

Now this is taking cat nap to another level. A cat lovers’ dream, this duvet set by Urban Outfitters is surprisingly sophisticated with its black and white design.Urban Outfitters (from $94) 

For the perfect Ski buddy

Après ski just got a whole lot cuter with the addition of this stylish dog sweater. Does it come in human sizes?Anthropologie  ($68) 

For those who like a tidy home

The teepee house bed is the perfect cozy hideout for those whose pets just need a moment for themselves. It also doubles as a place to store all loose toys. Plus, its architectural design is great for those who like to keep their homes looking sleek and ($104.99)

For the Bookworm

This book makes the perfect addition to a dog lovers’ coffee table, and is guaranteed to make all pup owners out there ‘awww’ with each turn of the page.Indigo ($30.49)