Modern smart home technology provides elegance, convenience and peace of mind.

Wireless home technology shows no signs of slowing down. The home appliances we use every day are continuing to get smarter: they’re easily accessible via smartphone when we’re out of the house, they’re learning our living habits and they’re even beginning to anticipate our needs. Beyond being simply a luxury (hello, PVRing movies from the office to watch later that night), they provide homeowners with safety, security and peace of mind.If you want to stay on the forefront of smart home technology, keep an eye on these eight ways our homes are getting smarter.

Smart Home Hubs

All anyone could talk about at this year’s Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas was the smart home hub. Amazon is currently leading the market with its Alexa-enabled Echo and Echo Dot devices. These A.I. assistants can play music, deliver news and sports scores, tell the weather and even help homeowners control their smart homes—without needing to click any buttons.

Facial Recognition Technology

Photo By: NeatmoHome security has gone fully James Bond. With facial recognition security cameras, you can track when your family is coming and going—ideal for families with kids who are home without supervision. Receive alerts when recognized faces arrive home or when an unknown visitor is on the premises so you can take action accordingly.

Smart Air Monitors

Protect your air quality and your family’s safety with smart air monitors. These will alert you remotely in the event of any emergency, from fire alarms to gas leaks. Immediate alerts in the case of a home fire mean you’re able to react faster, even remotely. In the event that a gas leak is coming from your heating system, these smart monitors can communicate with your thermostat, shutting it down instantly.

Pet Technology

Photo By: PetnetEven your pet’s home life is getting smarter. Remote technology allows you to provide your four-legged friends with three meals a day and reduce overfeeding with smart feeders. They’ll get to know your pet’s needs and provide you with updates on their health and activity levels while you’re out. If you’re a helicopter pet-parent, consider using WiFi-enabled pet cams to check in on (and play with!) your friend throughout the day.

Smart Locks

Everyone has arrived at the office on a hectic morning with the sinking feeling that the door went unlocked. With smart home locks, you’re able to relax, locking your home from your smartphone. Some smart locks even allow you to provide guests with their own temporary digital key. Simply erase the key when it’s no longer needed, without ever having to change your locks.

Smart Vacuums, Washers and Dishwashers

Photo By: SamsungImagine coming home to an effortlessly clean house! Smart technology isn’t fully self-cleaning yet, but you’re able to control your home cleaning appliances with a quick smartphone swipe. Roomba vacuums now allow for wireless remotes, and smart washers and dishwashers allow you to control your cleaning cycles remotely to avoid peak energy hours, saving you money. Because water damage is the number one cause of home insurance claims, it’s recommended that someone be home during the use of such appliances.

Smart Lighting

If you’re planning to be out of the house for vacation, smart lighting systems allow you to set timers to give the appearance of someone being home, deterring thieves. Smart lighting can also naturally improve your sleep cycle by learning your schedule, so they’ll know when to gently wake you by brightening up and when it’s time to prepare your body for sleep by slowly dimming.

Smart Outlets

Even the plugs you’re using to plug in your smart tech are getting smarter. Control outlets with your smartphone or even your voice. Not only will this reduce electricity, but you can limit your kids’ screen time by unplugging the TV from afar.Smart home technology is continuing to improve our lives with seamless living experiences. It’s also helping to keep homes safe and more affordable. Monitoring your home remotely can even reduce the chances of needing to file home insurance claims by deterring and detecting potential thieves and providing immediate response to fire and water damage. Plus, it’s all pretty cool to play with.One last smart reminder: supplying your home with smart technology means increasing your home’s value—don’t forget to increase your home’s insurance coverage accordingly with BCAA Home Insurance. BCAA has been ranked as the “Highest in Customer Satisfaction among Home Insurers in Western Canada” by J.D. Power for the past five years, making them the smart choice when it comes to protecting your smart home.