I am a loser. Of slippers, specifically. My pairs of comfy, laze-around-the-house footwear seem to repel each other. And the slippers that I don’t lose, I destroy, because indoor shoes aren’t really indoor shoes: I’ll wear them to take the trash out, to take the recycling out, to run outside and tell my partner I think he’s taking the trash/recycling out wrong. Flimsy soles are no match for my indoor/outdoor puttering around.

Flax Home and Casca’s Juniper slipper

Now, it feels kind of hack to call a slipper “a bed for your feet” (coming soon: hats, a glove for your head!) but this new collaboration between sustainable shoe brand Casca and bedding-focused homewear brand Flax Home practically begs for the description. The two Vancouver-based companies just launched the Juniper slipper, a shoe that’s made from the same Okeo-Tex linen that Flax uses in bedding, plus a a cork footbed and hardy rubber sole (courtesy of Casca).

Credit: Flax Home and Casca

The Juniper slipper is limited-edition, and they only created 200 total—so if you want a pair, I suggest getting them asap. I got a pair of the deep green slippos (new shorthand alert) yesterday. The cork sole is quite firm at first, but molds comfortably around your foot after an hour or two of doing laps around your house looking for your phone charger. And thanks to that rubber sole, I don’t see them wearing down anytime soon (yesterday, Casca co-founder Braden Parker mentioned that he wore them outdoors on a recent Whistler trip, which really shows that they’re not precious shoes—they’re made to be worn). The slippers are $150: on the high side, slipper-wise, but average for shoes.

Credit: Flax Home and Casca

The slippers are only available until they sell out, and given both brands’ individual cult followings, they likely will. I can already tell mine will last a long time. Assuming I can keep track of both of them.

The slippers are sold at shopflaxhome.com and casca.com.