Who says coffee snobs get all the fun?

Like many a teenager, I went through a “’cause black is how I feel on the inside//I wear black on the outside” phase (oh Morrissey, why did you have to turn out to be such a jerk?). But those days are many, many years behind me (so many), and thus these days, my wardrobe is full of joyous jewel tones and so is my home.Which is why I’ve got a soft obsession with Le Creuset anything—casserole, dutch oven, kettle—for that sweet pop of colour it puts in my kitchen. I’ve long been a little jealous of coffee drinkers for the French press, until I had the slow realization I could use one for loose tea (frankly, dealing with a usual tea strainer is just too finicky for me).Now, thanks to a heavy hint to my sister pre-birthday time, I’m the proud owner of a Marseille blue French press, and weekend mornings are spent drinking cups of Murchie’s CBC Radio blend and listening to joyful Christine and the Queens tunes. (Take that, Morrissey.)Le Creuset French Press, $62, Gourmet Warehouse