Make quick work of fresh summer herbs with this modern update on the mezzaluna.

I’ve just come back from a week up on the northern end of the Sunshine Coast. My top accomplishment that week was burning through four books (if you haven’t read it yet, Gillian Flynn’s Dark Places may be the perfect page-turning summer read), but we almost managed to produce more than a few memorable meals. (If you’re a fan of the Plenty cookbook, don’t miss this recipe for a to-die-for carmelized garlic tart.)I raided the garden before I left, and fresh thyme, rosemary and dill were carefully transported up for the week—though I do wish I’d had this new Herb and Salad Chopper from Microplane for prepping them.Based on the classic mezzaluna, the blade in this updated design actually retracts inside the tool for between uses—perfect for making quick work of mincing—while saving my fingers for turning pages.Herb and Salad ChopperMicroplane Herb & Salad chopper, $13.95,