Bins and baskets are the key to organized living. And if they’re stylish? All the better.

1. Wire Tap – The low, broad frame of the Gridlock basket (from $70) makes it easy to tuck out of sight under a coffee table, but do you really want to hide this beauty? Choose the neon peach version for a hit of colour. cb2.ca2. Bin in Love – The warm, masculine look of this saddle leather basket ($510) has us wanting to snuggle up by the fire. Luckily, the sturdy brown bin is perfect for holding firewood or cozy blankets. 3. Felt Right – The Restore storage basket ($139) is made of 100-percent recycled polymer felt and is 100-percent perfect for adding a pop of colour—choose plum purple, fire engine red or burnt orange for maximum impact. 4. Load it Up – The canvas laundry cart ($195) can hold children’s toys, spare cushions or (surprise!) dirty laundry. With a steel-framed body and heavy-duty canvas, this basket is designed to last, whatever winds up inside.  5. Basket Beauty – Who says storage can’t be glamorous? The grass-reed Glam baskets ($199) from West Elm are hand-woven in the Philippines and decked out in cascading golden beads. BasketCase