Home furniture and accessories that channel life in the great outdoors.

Lush forest, meals by the fire, mornings spent on a lake with waters so calm it looks like a sheet of glass—this summer we’re taking elements of the outdoor sojourn back home with us.

10 camping-inspired pieces for your home escape: 

Screen Shot 2016-07-12 at 12.04.32 PMLight the Night. This David Irwin-designed indoor-outdoor lantern ($300) was inspired by the archetypal miner’s lamp of 19th century in north east England. We love how it manages to find a balance between vintage and contemporary—plus it lasts for eight-plus hours fully charged. 


On the Plus Side. Stylish in its simplicity, the Fairbault Woolen Mill Plus blanket from CB2 ($329 to $369) could be your cozy campfire wrap or minimalist bedspread.

Screen Shot 2016-07-20 at 11.12.09 AM

Into the Woods. Veins of French oak veneer branch out across this Marco Fumagalli-designed wardrobe ($9,365) giving it that forest-feel.

 table for camping

Life’s a Picnic. As picnic table-inspired dining tables are on the rise, Squamish-based Sticks and Stones offers up this modern cement and walnut version with an aluminum base ($6,000). And the wood you can see on the edges is actually repurposed walnut off-cuts.


Take a Seat. This worn-in leather chair‘s butterfly design (a modern take on the 1938 Butterfly Chair from Jorge Ferrari-Hardoy) allows for easy folding (take it the patio deck or the cabin) and even easier lounging ($549).hammock. jpgHang It Up. The hammock is something that’s always fought over, because unlike a chair, there’s usually only one. This ornate crochet-style hammock from L’Atelier ($275) is crafted with handmade cotton twine and makes an attractive addition to the backyard.


A West Coast Welcome. This Trees Coir doormat ($29) is comprised of rugged and natural fibres found in coconut husks and thus highly resistant to our climate’s fun byproducts moisture and mildew. The seemingly hand-sketched trees give your indoor or outdoor entrance a rustic, artsy vibe.wildwoods. jpgBreathe It In. Get the smells of a forest escape without stepping foot in a tent. We particularly enjoy the balsam, fir and clove aromas found in this Wildwoods candle ($32) from Vancouver-based Woodlot.kitchenwarePretty in Pastel. This Reiss enamelware (find it in Vancouver at Much and Little, $28.95-$58.95) is charming in muted brights, easily bridging the distance between rustic turn-of-the-century kitchenware (the Austrian company has been making enamelware for some 200 years) and the contemporary. If only they made campfire mugs! (But for now, we also love these.) handpressoThe Life Saver. This might look like a bike pump, but it’s possibly the coolest little to-go espresso machine, or “handpresso” machine ($129), ever made. There are no batteries needed, which makes it perfect for camping, or if you’re entertaining guests in the backyard, this gadget is the conversation piece that also keeps you from having to run back and forth to the kitchen.