You can when it masters reheating pizza. 

Confession: despite the fact that I was born in the ’70s and still remember the thrill of our first family microwave (circa 1989: we weren’t exactly early adopters), I never use my microwave for much more than reheating, and the occasional bag of popcorn. (I also went six years without one, and did just fine, thank you). I’d been a little underwhelmed with soggy pizza crusts, and leftovers that were hot on the outside, cool in the middle. All of which is to say: microwaves, low on my radar.But we previewed a microwave here a couple of days ago that seems to be a bit of a game-changer. Breville’s QuickTouch Crisp microwave features an ingenious crisper pan that’s perfect for reheating pizza and quiche; and it also appeals to my baking hobby: quick-touch buttons for melting chocolate (no more scorch!) and softening butter. (For when I forget to pull it from the fridge. Also known as, every time.) Apparently it’ll crisp up a grilled-cheese sandwich, too.It’s cool to be crushing on a microwave, right?Breville QuickTouch Crisp microwave, $599.95, available at the Bay, thebay.comBMO700_BSS_USC_BOP_A15_JPEG+High+Res

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