Calgary’s Charbar rolls out the red carpet for the inaugural collection of JR Studio.

_MG_4384-Edit2If we’re being honest there’s not an occasion that we wouldn’t swing by Calgary’s Charbar for. It has three (three!) Western Living Foodie of the Year alumni on its roster (Connie de Sousa and John Jackson are Class of 2011, and Jessica Pelland is Class of 2015) and it’s in the coolest building in town. Undertaker’s convention? Yeah, we’ll swing by.But throw in the chance to see the inaugural design collection of one of Alberta’s up-and-coming designers—JR Studio—and eat Charbar’s food and it’s calendar-clearing time. And for all of those who can’t make it—although if you haven’t been to Charbar you should consider biting the bullet and booking a flight—no fretting. JR Studio has offered up one of the bracelets below to one lucky contest winner._MG_4417JR Studio launch: Thursday March 3, 3 p.m., Charbar, Simmons Building, 618 Confluence Way SE, Calgary.