From bold colours and natural materials to cabin- and travel-friendly decor: here's what designers are coveting this season.

Summer may be fleeting (is September really only two weeks away?), but there are plenty of ways to keep the season alive—for example, loading up on fun decor. Take a cue from the designer picks below to see how bright pops of colour, natural texture and a warm ambiance can instantly transform your home into a summer haven.

DesignerPicks_Summer_0051. Thayer Dining Chair by Kelley Wearstler

“This summer I am loving the mix of organic textures with sharp, ridged lines. Kelly Wearstler’s Thayer dining chair is a perfect example of this natural and modern mix. The boxy, linear design is softened by the luxurious hide upholstery, allowing the chair to cleverly ride the line between minimalist and maximalist.” Ben Leavitt, Fox Design Studio

DesignerPicks_Summer_0012. Whistler Rectangular Vases by Martha Sturdy

“These vases come in so many colours (you’re bound to fall in love with at least one, if not two) and because of the nature of the creative process, each has a unique finish. When the sun hits them just right they seem to glow. It’s a wonderful way to bring some beautiful floral colours into your home.” Kevin Mitchell, Mitchell Design House

DesignerPicks_Summer_0033. Shimmer Table by Patricia Urquiola

“Multi-coloured and fun, the Shimmer collection designed by architect Patricia Urquiola for Glas Italia has many unique pieces for your summer design ‘wardrobe.’ I particularly love the accent table: the iridescent panes of glass seemingly change colour and it’s small enough to move from room to room as the light (and seasons) change.” Dexter Dolores, Dexter Dolores Interiors

DesignerPicks_Summer_0064. Rattan Peacock Headboard

“I went to Paris this summer and was surrounded by so many beautiful things. When I saw this headboard I thought it was such a unique use of the material. Adding wicker elements to a space is a great way to implement texture. The headboard comes in different colours, too, so if you’re looking to brighten your space for the summer season, this would be a creative way to do so.” Ami McKay, Pure by Ami McKay

5. M Lamp by Juniper Design

“Inspired by miners’ lamps from 19th century England, this lantern is a modern twist on a classic design. They cast a beautiful, warm, bright light and are thoughtfully designed with pared down lines, dimmable function and rotating head—we use them all the time at the cabin.” —Sophie Burke, Sophie Burke Design

DesignerPicks_Summer_0046. Moxie Showerhead and Wireless Speaker

“I have one of these in my house—it’s very low cost and can be retrofitted to any shower. The speaker connects to the showerhead with hidden magnets and is removable: I recently took mine to Arizona where I sat on the patio with a glass of wine to watch the sunset.” Jamie Banfield, Jamie Banfield Design