Don’t ignore your entryway when designing your home. And you’re going to love this tile.

I’ve had more than a few designers chat with me about the importance of a great entryway into your home. It’s not a place you spend extended time in, yet you’re in it every day—and rather than thinking of it as a place to pass through, treat it like an opening statement: an elegant console, a great piece of art, a flokati-topped seat for visitors to pop off their shoes—or a fantastic set of tiles on the floor, like this new line from Italy’s Marca Corona. The Terra series features tiles designed with contemporary updates on classic patterns—some geometric, some floral, some almost three-dimensional—that can be mix-and-matched in random patterns. They’re perfect as a feature element—in, say, an entryway—paired with hardwood in the rest of the home.Terra series by Marca Corona, $5.85 per piece/ $ 12.99 per sq. ft., available in Vancouver and Calgary at Ames Tile & Stone, amestile.comTerra Series tiles