Does this magic cushion fit perfectly with pretty much any design style?

When you’re inundated all day, every day with news about design trends and pictures of beautiful rooms, as I am in my job here as an editor at Western Living (a tough life), it can be hard commit to a cohesive look for your own space. How do you choose a direction when you’re swooning over sleek modern interiors and bohemian cool in equal measure?But then sometimes you luck out and find a piece that encompasses all of your favourite trends in one stylish package: a piece that ties your love for clean modernist palettes with a passion for organic texture and a nod to ’80s geometrics.Hello, black-and-white geometric-print mud cloth cushion. You’ve got a texture almost like burlap, a pattern that’s vaguely Scandinavian, a textile tradition first practiced in Africa—and you’ll look right at home in my living room, which prescribes to no specific design language either.White mudcloth cushion with triangles, $98, Nineteen Ten