A beautifully designed mat that’s truly welcoming.

When I first laid eyes on the handmade wool-and-jute rug from Nodi, my first thought was, “Rumplestiltskin.” Not exactly a glamourous phrase to pop into one’s head, but the intricate pony braids made of warm natural fibres reminded me instantly of straw that was spun into gold. (It also reminded me that I really should finally take the time to learn how to French braid my hair—just a modern woman trying to have it all, y’know?)New Zealand designer Olivia Smith probably didn’t have the Grimm Brothers in mind when she first started Nodi (the company’s name means “knot” in Latin, inspired by her first foray into textiles making hand-knotted cotton necklaces), but it’s hard to argue that there’s something enchanting about they way she’s transformed natural, humble materials into skillfully woven mats and rugs. Produced at ethical GoodWeave-certified factories in India, these rustic-modern pieces are built to last, adding warmth and character to a space for happily ever after and beyond.Nodi Rugs Pony Braid Jute rug in natural, $1,560, available at Provide