Globally inspired goods, sophisticated kitchenware, lightweight fabrics and more have earned a spot on Etsy’s annual list of summer trends.

Say farewell to wool blankets and cool, neutral tones—and hello to bright colours, dessert-inspired decor and natural materials! Summer is practically upon us, so now is the perfect time to give our homes an update. Not sure where to start? Etsy has released a list of the season’s hottest trends and their fave picks to go along with them, including home decor and accessories, stylish jewellery, colourful pillow covers, and adorable mugs and kitchenware.Etsy Trend Expert Dayna Isom says this year’s top trends include bright pops of coral, fun motifs and exotic prints—and “all the items on this list are sourced from Canadian sellers,” she says. “This is a compilation of not just what’s trending on the Etsy market, but around the globe.” What are you waiting for? Put your winter decor in storage and gather inspiration from the trends outlined below! Clockwise from top left: Mood Living, Craftedvan and Brand and Iron

1. Go Global

“This is what Etsy is all about: bringing the globe to your home,” says Isom. “For this trend, you’ll see exotic patterns, earthy tones and rustic surfaces with influences from South America and Africa” (think Aztec prints, heavy with black, white and zigzag patterns). This trend also includes natural materials and cacti motifs that appear in everything from fun marquee lights to illustrations and bookmarks.

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• Mood Living• Craftedvan• Brand and Iron

Clockwise from top: GolemDesigns, Sfauteux Ceramiste, FrankiePrintCo

2. The Look of Luxe

According to Isom, mastering this look comes down to mixing sophistication with just a hint of luxury. Packed with bold patterns, prints, pastels, metallic finishes and stylish watercolours, this trend takes advantage of one-of-a-kind pieces. We’ll gladly add some glitz to the kitchen with these white and gold metallic-dipped bowls from Golem Designs—alternatively, the handmade porcelain Riviera bowl from Sfauteux Ceramiste is a fun and sophisticated way to serve snacks at our next summer party.

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• GolemDesigns• Sfauteux Ceramiste• FrankiePrint Co.

Clockwise from top left: Ann Wood, Fairgoods and Scandinazn

3. Calm and Collected

Isom says this trend is all about keeping things clean and simple (read: delicate patterns, lightweight fabrics and muted pastels). “This is definitely my favourite trend,” adds Etsy Canada expert Melissa Chai. “I’m a minimalist person so I fell in love with the designs in this category.” To get the look at home, shop for products with scalloped edges and subtle pops of coral to get that summertime feel (coral may be a bright colour, but when used in subtle ways, it adds a calm-yet-fun touch to your home).

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• Ann Wood• Fairgoods• Scandinazn

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