The leaves are turning gold and the crisp scent of fall is in the air. What better time to revisit some of our most memorable fireplace designs?

Photo by Janis Nicolay. (Photo by Janis Nicolay.)a

1. Mid-Century Marvel

A duel-sided gas fireplace was a perfect addition to this mid-century modern home’s sunken living room. See the before and after renovation here.Photo by Martin Tessler. (Photo by Martin Tessler.)

2. Rustic Charm

Fitting in perfectly with the sky-high ceilings and Douglas fir beams of this Alberta ranch home, a two-way fireplace allows the homeowners to cozy up and socialize in the living room, or curl up solo in the tiny hidden library nook on the other side. Explore the rest of the stunning weekend home here. Photo by Tammy McGregor. (Photo by Tammy McGregor.)

3. Marbleously Stylish

The fireplace in this Calgary living room was clad in dark metal, allowing the beautiful marble above and below to be the focus when the fire isn’t lit. See the rest of the room’s details here.Photo by Tracey Ayton. (Photo by Tracey Ayton.)

4. Cozy Corner

Visitors to this Main Street loft, designed by Alec Smith of Shape Architecture and Jamie Deck of Shift Interiors, are immediately drawn to the warmth of the cozy corner nook. Get the full tour here.e59_3318_1 (Photo by Janis Nicolay.)

5. Colour Story

Architect Marianne Amodio custom designed this hand-tiled fireplace, inspired by the homeowner’s love of Moorish Spanish architecture. See the rest of the eclectic East Vancouver home here.Photo by Martin Tessler. (Photo by Martin Tessler.)

6. Minimalism Maximized

With exposed cedar planks above and concrete below, the fireplace in this Brutalist inspired home is part of a truly unique design. See the rest here.Photo by Martin Tessler. (Photo by Martin Tessler.)

7. Palm Springs Perfection

Calgary based designer Paul Lavoie opted to keep the original 1961 fireplace in his Bel-Aire home, paired with a piece from Graham Gillmore for a modern twist on a traditional stone hearth. See more of his mid-century home here. 

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