18Karat collection embraces the warmest metal.

Dipped_Petra_BallI don’t remember the precise moment when I fell back in love with gold. As a child of the’70s and ’80s, I was certainly surrounded by it—but by the ’90s and early 2000s, I was silver all the way. Even my Christmas tree was cool silver, sans gold—and a hit of magenta. But I’ve been drawn back to the warm metals (like most of us), to the point of being single-minded about it (dare you to find a silver bauble on my tree now). So naturally, I love 18Karat’s latest spring ceramics: designed by Kenny Torrance, the Dipped Petra collection is being re-introduced in white and gold. They’re perfect for the lavender cuttings I’ll be grabbing from my garden this summer, or as a sculptural element on the dining room table, solo.Dipped Petra Ball, $27, available at 18Karat, 18karatstore.com