Forget the wine€”show the host that you really appreciate the invite with an extra thoughtful gift.

(Photo: Bloom Room)

A Houseplant

Bringing a bouquet of flowers to a dinner party requires slightly more effort than a bottle of wine, but still not much. But if you like the green theme, why not bring the host a nice houseplant? Stop by a local shop like Bloom Room or Figaro’s Garden and pick out a cute plant that your host will appreciate.

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(Photo: Sophie Conran)

A Pitcher

Why not bring a gift that your host will want to show off at the next party they throw? They’ll love this Sophie Conran pitcher ($25), which is simple enough to match practically any existing dinnerware, but also chic enough to make a statement. Pro-tip for the host: this pitcher can double as an elegant vase.

(Photo: Provide Home)


Cloth napkins offer an elevated touch to any dinner party, and as such, they make a great gift. Pick a pretty, floral design like the Rosa Terrace from Kate Spade ($9), or a more neutral one like the White and Charcoal Stitch by Linen Way ($20), available at Vancouver’s Provide.

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(Photo: Canadian Tire)

A Grill Basket

If you’re heading off to a summer BBQ, give the grill master a gift that will make their job easier. The MasterChef Stainless Steel Grill Basket ($15) is a great help—no need to mess around with skewers or worry about food falling through the grill.

(Photo: Granville Island Tea Company)


Tea always makes a lovely gift, regardless of the event. If you know what the host is serving, let someone at Granville Island Tea help you choose an appropriate flavour pairing. If not, it’s pretty hard to go wrong with a classic like Earl Grey or a Rooibos!

(Photo: Indigo)

A Cheeseboard

Is a party even worth going to if there isn’t cheese? Give the host the chance to display (arguably) the best food group in the world with a beautiful cheeseboard like the Crescent Moon Marble ($40) one.

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(Photo: Jonny McLaren)

A Game

It’s just a simple fact of life that sometimes conversation—or lack thereof—can make dinner parties awkward. Regardless of whether this is the case at the next party you attend or not, your host will appreciate a fun game. Apples to Apples ($25) is a PG-rated party classic that can be played with lots of people and is guaranteed to induce laughter. 

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(Photo: Kismet)

A Salt Soak

Anyone who has ever hosted a dinner party knows that it takes a lot of preparation and effort. Once the food has been cleared away and the dishes cleaned, the host is probably ready for some relaxation. Give them a gift that will help them chill out after guests leave, such as a salt soak ($20) from Vancouver company Kismet.

(Photo: The Cross Decor and Design)

A Serving Dish

Whether your host entertains guests on a regular basis or is new to the dinner party game, they can always use more serving platters. This Dentelle Aurora pink glass plate ($19) from The Cross is as pretty as it is useful. 

(Photo: Indigo)

A Cookbook

Even if the host of the party you’re attending is already a cocktail connoisseur, they’ll appreciate a cocktail cookbook like award winning Liquid Intelligence ($37). They might feel inspired to make something from the book then and there, or you can offer to help mix drinks at the next get-together.