Yes, we're still many months away from any kind of bubble-expanding, while-the-hours-away celebration with great friends and family celebration, but that doesn't mean we can€™t do a little preparation for that very excellent time in the future. 

Ikea's new Ljuvare collection€” €œmore delightful€ in Swedish€”is a collaboration between Lebanese designer Nada Debs and in-house designer Paulin Machado. Debs is known for her modern take on classic Middle Eastern-inspired patterns and designs, and mixed materials€”woods and metals€”and translated her luxury craft into Ikea's Democratic Design program. Ljuvare builds on the Ljuv collection Debs designed in 2019.

The €œmore€ in this collection features hammered metal serving dishes, coasters and lanterns€”but we've got our eye on the warmly patterned floor cushions, perfect for casual seating in future get-togethers. And for now, a remote Saturday night tele-party with friends.

The collection launches at a few select stores in February€”in the west, that means the Richmond and Calgary stores.