In our March/April issue of Western Living, designers Aly Velji and Allison Connor of Alykhan Velji Designs created one of the most joyful laundry rooms I’ve seen in a while—and that has everything to do with the Marimekko wallpaper they included on one wall. “You can’t go wrong with Marimekko,” Velji told me. So true.

And in the same vein—I’m pretty thrilled to see the limited edition Marimekko collab, Bastua, that’s just been launched at Ikea. I had a sneak peek of it at Salone this past year—and it’s now finally in stores across Canada.

Here are a few of our favourites from the collection.

bastua i

Bastua Tray, $14.99

Inspired by a rhubarb leaf, this melamine beauty is made for summer patio drinks.

Bastua shower curtain, $14.99

Bring a little spring rhubarb into the shower.

Bastua bath sheet, $19.99

You’ll have the best looking bathroom in town.

Bastua floor cushion, $59.99

Perfect for a hang sesh in your living room.

Bastua bench, $59.99

Made from clear lacquered solid birch, this Scand-modern beauty is perfect for an entrance.

Bastua carry bag, $3.99

Take out the recycling in style.